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Tap into a funded network of test facilities

Securing funding and getting access to test facilities to develop water innovations across the wider European water sector can be difficult and costly.

To meet these challenges head on, we’ve partnered with experts from across the UK, Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands as part of the Water Test Network to help small-medium businesses accelerate the development of new water and waste water innovations.

Already the Water Test Network, supported by a grant from the European Regional Development Fund, has established a network of fourteen water and waste water test facilities across North-West Europe. Information on each of these facilities can be found here.

These demonstration sites, including our own Development Centres in central and northern Scotland, allow businesses to test and demonstrate pioneering technology to enable faster market adoption.

Access to test facilities

Each North-West European partner has a dedicated ‘Innovation Chaser’ to provide guidance and support with applications to access the test facilities.

As each site has different applications, water types and equipment, Innovation Chasers can also ensure that businesses are linked to the best facility that meets their specific needs.

More information about Innovation Chasers for each region can be found here.

Funded support

Support in the form of access to testing facilities or support with validation and verification is funded by the Water Test Network in the form of ‘Innovation Support Vouchers.’ These vouchers will be tailored to the needs of small-medium businesses and guarantee a certain level of in-kind, fully-funded support up to a maximum of €50,000.

More information on how you can access Innovation Support Vouchers can be found here.

  • Access to the Water Test Network’s test facilities has been vital to the development of our novel waste water technology. Independent process verification and data validation has made our route to market considerably easier by boosting the confidence of potential investors and customers.

    Steve Skill, CEO Greenskill Environmental Technology Ltd
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