Waste Water Development Centre

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Located on a live, operational treatment works, our Waste Water Development Centre is dedicated to supporting research and innovation in the waste water sector. 

As the first facility of its kind in Scotland, innovators have a unique opportunity to test, develop and upscale experimentation of new equipment and technologies and in a safe and dynamic environment. 

By facilitating proof of concept through to prototype development, our centre supports scenario testing on a range of water-related applications.

The centre has three test bays, each with live feeds at different stages in the treatment process namely, post screening, post primary treatment and final effluent providing users with greater flexibility.

The centre also features a small-scale waste water treatment test rig, as well as a dedicated screening area to support the testing of mechanical separation technologies at the inlet to the works.

As the facility carries a Waste Management Licence, users can also import waste from alternative industrial streams to test on non-domestic sewage.

Already we’ve worked with companies across a number of different sectors to enable testing on an industrial scale for real-world application.

Supported by specialist technical expertise and access to UKAS accredited sampling and analysis services, the centre can be hired out at bespoke commercial rates.

Explore our Water Development Centre with a 360-degree view by clicking here.

Ready to take the next step in waste water treatment innovation? Contact us today to discuss how our facilities and expertise can support your project. Reach out to us at hello@scottishwaterhorizons.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

Waste Water Development Centre
Carriden Industrial Estate, Bridgeness Road
EH51 9SF
  • "Scottish Water Horizons provided a package of support for carrying out trials that was exceptionally important in accelerating the development of our technology. I can’t recommend the facility highly enough."

    Joel Ferguson, JFI
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