Low Carbon Energy

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Towards net zero and beyond

We’re passionate about protecting the wellbeing of our planet.  As part of Scottish Water we’re playing an active role in helping it reach net zero by 2040, five years ahead of the Scottish Government’s already ambitious target.

By using a combination of established and innovative technologies such as heat recovery from waste water, we’re reducing emissions and reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

Already we’ve generated 18.1 GWh of new wind and solar projects since 2015 – enough to power over 5,000 homes.

Below are examples of some of the low carbon energy schemes and technologies we’ve delivered so far. Click the images to read more.

Looking to the future

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to increase sustainable energy. Already we’ve started our journey to significantly increase low carbon energy generation on Scottish Water assets.

We aim to achieve this by exploring new opportunities such as hydrogen production from waste water and floating solar panel installation, to increasing the system size of our renewables projects.

To find out more about our low carbon energy activities, get in touch.

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