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high speed broadband in pipes

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High-speed broadband in sewer networks

We’re using Scottish Water’s vast underground network to install high-speed fibre broadband to improve communications in cities and remote areas.

Working smarter

With thousands of miles of networks beneath our feet, it makes sense to install fibre optic cables where we can, avoiding the need to dig up roads and cause disruption.

Telecommunication companies can also benefit by reducing the work required to install new networks, saving time and carbon.

UK wide partnership

Working in partnership with a number of UK water utilities, we’re developing a set of technical standards which will ensure a consistent approach to cable installation, without causing risk to the public waste water network.

With a commitment from the Scottish Government that all homes in the country will have access to internet speeds of at least 30 megabits per second by 2021, we’re doing what we can to support this ambitious target.

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