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Fostering innovation in water treatment

Welcome to our pioneering Water Development Centre, the first of its kind in Scotland, that is solely committed to advancing innovation in water treatment. Originally a membrane Water Treatment Works, our facility has undergone a remarkable transformation, now equipped to handle a diverse range of raw water qualities commonly found in rural landscapes across Scotland and beyond.

With our facility removed from the distribution network, researchers and innovators gain unparalleled access to test, validate, and refine prototype products and technologies under live conditions, safeguarding drinking water quality and the environment.

Already, we’ve collaborated with industry leaders and emerging start-ups, facilitating the commercialisation of cutting-edge technology. We’re also fostering partnerships with academic institutions, providing opportunities for pilot-scale research and invaluable hands-on experience for students.

Nestled in Gorthleck near Inverness, our centre offers modern amenities, laboratory spaces, and four dedicated test bays, each equipped with varying water quality feeds, filtration systems, drainage points, and power supplies.

Backed by expert technical support and UKAS-accredited analysis services, our test facility is available for hire at competitive commercial rates, enabling ground-breaking innovation in water treatment.

Since its establishment in 2015, our test facility has hosted a numerous trials including the evaluation of new nanomembrane technology, alternative methodologies for chlorine disinfection, and the assessment of point of use equipment to deliver sustainable, clean drinking water solutions for rural communities.

To enhance flexibility and expand capabilities, our facility is currently undergoing an additional upgrade to serve as a training hub for nanofiltration tubular membrane technology operation.

Currently, there is no similar facility in the UK or beyond that provides an off-grid training centre to support professionals from utility, academic, and industrial sectors to receive hands-on training in operating membrane plants within a large-scale environment.

Ready to take the next step in water treatment innovation? Contact us today to discuss how our facilities and expertise can support your project. Reach out to us at hello@scottishwaterhorizons.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

Water Development Centre
West Aberchalder
  • "This testing has allowed us to expand the working range of our product, meaning that we can apply it to a broader range of water management applications."

    Dr Daniel Jarman, Hydro International
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