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Unlocking innovation in the water sector

One of the major barriers to innovation is the lack of opportunity for researchers and companies to demonstrate new products at scale.

That’s what we’ve created two Development Centres to provide innovators with dedicated space to test prototype equipment, processes and technologies. Users can test, develop and research in live, operational-scale environments – perfect for validation and commercialisation.

Already our facilities are helping research hubs and businesses speed up innovation delivery, providing an investor-ready pipeline of new processes and products.

We also recognise that successful collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector is the key to a sustainable future. From webinars, networking events and demonstration days, we’re engaging with a number of innovators to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and co-working.

Unique full scale environment

The only facilities of their kind in Scotland, users have an unique opportunity to test and develop processes, equipment and technologies under live condition, and on an operational scale.

By demonstrating and conducting scenario testing on a range of applications, we can help facilities proof of concept to prototype development.

UKAS accredited scientific services

Open all year round, our team can perform a range of chemical and microbiological tests at our labs in Edinburgh and Inverness.

If regular samples are needed, we can arrange for experienced samplers to transport your samples to our labs.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

By working closely with businesses and academia, we aim to foster a culture of knowledge-sharing and co-working.

We can also arrange webinars and demonstration events to help bring new products to market.

Key features of our test hubs

As well as specialist guidance and support, our service also includes:

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