Scotland's Climate Week:
It's Time to Start Talking

26 September 2022

Scotland’s annual Climate Week is back and running from 26th September until 2nd October.  Now in its sixth year its mission in 2022 is clear, to get Scotland talking. 

Climate Conversation Pack

From transport and green eating advice to tips on improving home energy efficiency, there’s a range of topics you can discuss with friends, family or colleagues to help you consider how you can positively impact climate change.  The Scottish Government Net Zero Nation website can even get you started with a Climate Conversation Pack.  It’ll help you consider:  

  • The way you travel
  • The food you eat
  • How you heat your home
  • Ways to protect nature
Graphic with the message: We are supporting Scotland's Climate Week 26Sept-2 Oct 2022

Playing our part

Scottish Water Horizons is immensely proud of the contribution we’ve made so far to helping tackle climate change.  From diverting food waste from landfill and driving low carbon innovation to generating green energy from wind, solar and hydro power we’re committed to protecting our environment for future generations to come.

Having conversations about climate change and its impact is vital.  We’re collaborating with customers, partners and stakeholders to contribute to a sustainable Scotland. 

Click here to see how we’re playing our part.

Infographic with stats to depict Scottish Water Horizons progress with its low carbon projects

Let’s Do Net Zero

Alongside encouraging climate conversations, Scotland’s Climate Week is also about increasing awareness of our nation’s push to reduce emissions and become a net zero society by 2045.  Individuals and businesses alike can play their part in adapting to a low carbon lifestyle.  The Scottish Government has a powerful message to help us succeed:

“There is a significant role for the whole of Scottish society to support the transformational change needed to meet our climate change targets. Collectively, we can all work together to reduce our emissions and limit any further damage creating a fair and thriving net zero nation by 2045. So, let’s take the journey together and leave no one behind.”

Help protect our precious planet by starting your climate conversation now.

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