Blog : Incredible Year as Rising Star
Rebecca Skuce

08 January 2020

Now that we’ve entered 2020, I have taken some time to reflect on what an incredible year I’ve had as the Institute of Water, Scottish Area Rising Star of 2019.

From meeting senior stakeholders to organising events and attending conferences, I have learnt an incredible amount over the last twelve months.

The year was officially kicked off by the 2019 Institute of Water President, Douglas Millican (Scottish Water, Chief Executive) with a Leadership Masterclass and a trip to Scottish Water’s largest water treatment works at Balmore.

The Masterclass featured Q&A sessions with key industry leaders including Terry A’Hearn (SEPA Chief Executive) and Alan Sutherland (Chief Executive for the Water Industry Commission for Scotland) which set the scene for the fantastic year to come.

A key highlight of the IW’s calendar is the Annual Conference. Last year it was hosted by Northern Ireland Water at the Titanic Museum and focused on how the water sector is changing due to factors such as digital technologies, workplace trends and climate change.

I had the opportunity to chair table discussions and took part in a panel debate on how can we do more to encourage future generations to actively choose to work in the water industry.

Rebecca Skuce, Project Manager at Scottish Water Horizons

Another highlight was the opportunity to host events within our own organisations. This gave us an insight into the day job of each Rising Star – a fantastic way to get an overview of the wider UK industry.

Aside from different financial and ownership models each organisation has their own regional challenges – some areas are drier than others with the threat of future water shortages, whilst others face much less water scarcity. 

Despite all these differences I quickly came to realise that there is much more that unites us, than separates us. 

We are all facing similar challenges such as climate change, population growth, stricter regulatory standards and increasing customer expectations. 

That’s why organisations such as the Institute of Water are vital to our industry as they give individuals and organisations a means of engaging with one another to share learning to benefit the industry as a whole. 

“Organisations such as the Institute of Water are vital to our industry as they give individuals and organisations a means of engaging with one another.”

Rebecca Skuce, Project Manager

I would like thank Scottish Water’s CEO and this year’s IW President and Rising Star Champion, Douglas Millican, the Scottish Area committee, and IW Chief Executive Lynn Cooper,  for their support of the programme.

Massive congratulations to Scottish Water’s Anna Figueras Carril, who has been selected as the Scottish Area Rising Star for 2020. You are going to have an incredible year.

Next up for me, I am continuing to support the Institute as a member of the Scottish Area Committee as well as taking up the role as the Scottish Area Representative for the Young Persons Network. This network offers support for people who are in their early career within the water industry. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

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