Site safety

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Keeping you safe on site  

By safely sending your food and liquid waste for recycling and treatment, you are helping to protect the natural environment. But it’s important to protect yourself and others too.

We want to ensure that everyone who visits or works at any of our sites goes home safely and without injury at the end of each day.

One of the ways you can help ensure everyone’s safety is to be aware of our safety arrangements and emergency procedures.  You can do this by reading our Waste Induction and Guide.

Simple steps to safety when on site:

➜ Wear protective equipment at all times (hard hat, hi-vis vest or jacket, gloves, safety glasses and protective footwear)

Follow signposted routes and always obey site speed limit

Follow instructions on discharge points and site signage

Check hoses for tears or damage before hooking up to discharge points.

Stay safe guidance

We have put together a series of short guidance notes to help keep you and others safe. We will continue to revise and add to these guides so keep a look out for future updates.

For further information and advice on site safety, visit the HSE website.

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