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Did you know there were almost 800,000 people who sustained an injury in the UK over the last year?

Many of these injuries were easily preventable. Safety awareness and training are vital to prevent work-related accidents and ill health.

To help ensure everyone goes home safe, we’ve created a series of handy safety guides.

What’s more they’re free!

The guides are there to help you keep up-to-date and refer to when needed.  From basic first aid and manual handling to fire safety and duty of care, the guides provide advice on how to reduce risks.

And to help you further, we’ve included method statement and risk assessment templates which you can use to help identify potential risks.

Note – these guides do not include every aspect of safety legislation. Instead they have been designed to provide you with sufficient knowledge to help you to make informed decisions.  If there is any area you would like to see included in our suite, please do let us know!

And if you are visiting ant of our operational sites, please be aware of our safety arrangements and emergency procedures.  You can do this by reading our Waste Induction and Guide.

For further information and advice on site safety, visit the HSE website.

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