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Did you know that around one million tonnes of food waste are thrown out in Scotland every year?

In a perfect world every morsel of food would be devoured. There’d be no waste from preparation either.

Whilst some of this waste can’t be avoided, it can be effectively tackled by recycling it into sustainable new products to help fight against climate change.  At our Bioresources Centre near Cumbernauld, we’re doing just that. 

We accept food waste from many commercial producers and local authorities and transform it into renewable sources of energy as well as a natural fertiliser.

Since our facility became operational in 2010 we have processed over 145,000 tonnes of food waste, helping to divert this waste from landfill and help protect the environment.

Why recycle food waste?

First of all, it’s the law! Legislation now means that every business in Scotland producing over 5kg of food waste per week has to separate this waste for collection. 

Secondly, it saves you money.  By separating your food waste for collection, you can clearly see how much food waste you are throwing away and consider ways of how to reduce it.

And thirdly, it reduces your carbon footprint. By turning your waste into new resources, you are helping divert waste from landfill where it produces methane, a harmful greenhouse gas.

Generating renewable energy with East Dunbartonshire Council

Using our Bioresources Centre in North Lanarkshire, East Dunbartonshire Council recycles tonnes of food waste each year. This food waste is eventually broken down to produce an energy-rich biogas. That gas is then converted into electricity and sent to the National Grid.


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