Pumping stations

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Let us take care of it – from start to finish

We can deliver your pumping station and rising main installation from initial design right through to Scottish Water vesting.

Our flexible approach means we can manage the entire project end-to-end, from design through to construction.

We can build the pumping station under a complete civil and mechanical and engineering package, so you have one point of contact for the entire project. This means no need to manage multiple contractors and giving you confidence in the quality of the end product.

Once the job is complete we’ll inspect it to ensure that it meets Sewers for Scotland 4 standards, before taking it through the vesting process for you.

We’ll operate and maintain your new asset throughout this process, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We’ll work with Scottish Water to manage the process through to technical approval and construction acceptance, before handing over a fully vested pumping station.

Faster vesting with pre-approved design

We’ve recently launched a new ‘standardised’ design to accelerate the approval, installation and vesting of your pumping station.

Using proven technology developed by Xylem Water Solutions, the ready-to-use design gives you added certainty that your pumping station and rising main will get the green-light for construction from the outset.

Our new design has been approved by Scottish Water, removing the risk of hold-ups and unforeseen costs.

Exclusive access to innovative technology

We’ve also joined forces with Xylem to bring you exclusive access to their Flygt Concerter system – the world’s first pump system with integrated intelligence.

The Flygt Concertor offers a host of significant benefits featuring smart, low carbon technology. For instance, the system can sense environmental operating conditions and adapt pump performance so that it always performs at the optimum level.

It is also self-cleaning with a number of regulation features which have proven to reduce call-outs by up to 80 per cent.

And compared to traditional pumps, the system offers up to 70 per cent savings on energy consumption, drastically reducing carbon and running costs. And if that’s not enough, all of these benefits have a positive impact on Scottish Water vesting your asset.

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  • “We were able to hand the [Tornagrain] scheme to Scottish Water much sooner than anticipated, removing extra risk and cost for us. We are confident that no one other than Horizons could have delivered and vested this project so successfully.”

    Andrew Howard, Moray Estates
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