New Asset Vesting service launched

14 June 2021

Scottish Water Horizons has launched a new service to support developers with remediating unvested water and waste water assets across Scotland.

Housing developers can now benefit from an end-to-end remediation service which helps facilitate safe adoption of unvested assets by Scottish Water.

The brand new service includes initial consultation and upgrade work right through to specialist advice and guidance, providing developers with increased certainty their assets will achieve vested status.

The service looks to help tackle an ongoing issue with existing assets that don’t meet the standards and specifications agreed at the initial technical approval stage.  

A major pumping station project constructed and vested by Scottish Water Horizons

If unvested, the ownership of an asset sits with the developer who built it. This makes the developer responsible for all operation and maintenance and can carry significant risk – especially if the asset breaks down.

The new service from Scottish Water’s commercial subsidiary aims to tackle this issue, supporting developers in clearing the backlog of unvested assets and enabling them to concentrate on the job at hand – the design and build of new homes. 

Scottish Water Horizons has significant experience in this area, having successfully remediated over 200 assets to date across a range of complex and challenging projects.

Senior Project Manager, Nicola Brown, said: “We’re delighted to launch this new service to support the Scottish house building community.  Unvested assets can carry a number of unwanted liabilities due to their ongoing operation and maintenance.

“Construction in Scotland has recently seen significant growth and its vital that assets are vested on time to support this continuing trend.

Nicola Brown, Senior Project Manager

“Our new service provides developers with certainty that their asset will be vested by Scottish Water, helping them reduce risks as well as save on time and costs.

“From complex assets such as pumping stations and sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs) to large and small water and waste water networks, we’re confident that we can bring unvested assets in line with technical approval.”

The new service is part of a wider offering from Scottish Water Horizons in their drive to support economic growth and sustainable development in Scotland.

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