FastTrack Drainage celebrates
project success

07 May 2021

Our brand-new drainage design validation service has proven its worth with the first round of projects now successfully through the system.

One of the projects through our FastTrack Drainage online portal came from CALA Homes (West) who submitted drainage designs to support their new planned development in Killearn, Stirling.  

The submission from CALA Homes (West) has helped to showcase the ways that FastTrack Drainage can help developers save time, reduce costs and gain certainty of technical approval.

Advantages of automation

The drainage design compromised 89 individual homes and included complex elements such as a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) and a waste water pumping station.

Designed by engineering firm SWECO on CALA Homes (West)’s behalf, the team were keen to get their designs validated as quickly as possible to enable them to move swiftly to the next stage of Scottish Water’s approval process.

By using FastTrack Drainage’s automated technology, the team were able to check their designs against industry standard – Sewers for Scotland 4 (SFS4). This meant that any problems or anomalies were spotted and addressed in a fraction of time.

As a result of using FastTrack Drainage, CALA Homes (West) benefited from:

As a result, we were able to provide CALA Homes (West) with a much higher level of certainty of technical approval for their drainage design which in turn allowed them to build certainty into their investment decision-making process. 

Don’t just take our word for it

“Our team will definitely be looking to use FastTrack Drainage again in the future to improve our drainage design approval process.”

Mark Wright, Engineering Manager, CALA Homes (West)

Mark Wright, Engineering Manager at CALA Homes (West) had this to say about their experience with FastTrack Drainage, “We submitted the drainage design for our Killearn development project through the FastTrack process to assess the initial design from our consultant, SWECO, and to measure the timescales for getting our design validated and ready for submission to Scottish Water. 

“We were really pleased with the certainty that FastTrack gave us about the quality of our design. The insights provided meant we were able to focus discussions with Scottish Water around the important issues with the design, addressing them more efficiently than is traditionally the case.”

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